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Van MOTs that Wont Break Your Business

Van MOT's that Won’t Break Your Business

MOT test or Ministry of Transport test is mandatory for all UK vehicles that are more than three years old. This includes vans as well. If you run a business that involves the use of vans which have an age of over three years then you will need to get MOTs done for all of them. An average MOT test for a van can cost you a good deal of money. For a full fleet of vans, the cost of the MOT testing could be in the hundreds. While it is necessary to get an MOT done for a van because it ensures its roadworthiness but if your vans aren’t working regularly and remain off-road for the best of times then it might prove to be an added expense for you. 

Where to Get Van MOT Done From

You can get van MOT’s done from authorized garages all around the UK for the payment of a small fee. The garage has to be capable of providing MOT testing, though and must have the requisite equipment available for performing the tests in the right manner. In addition to this, the garage must have a team of experienced technicians working for it that have been in this line of work for a long period of time. All of this will ensure that you get the best van MOT done without encountering any difficulty or delay. Another added advantage that you will receive by getting your van MOT done from an authorized garage is peace of mind that everything has been done in the proper manner.

Best Garages for Getting a Van MOT        

Van MOT’s are similar to car MOT’s in that all of the tests that are conducted on a car are conducted on the van too. The charges for the testing, however, are different. For a car the charges a little low but for the van they are a tad high. Booking your van’s MOT in one of the following garages can help you in getting the premium service your business needs.

•    KC Servicing
KC Servicing is among the best providers of van MOT testing in the UK. The garage has been offering this service to the people of Dartford for a number of years. One of the reasons why K C Servicing was able to gain authorization for providing van MOT testing services in Dartford is the experience its technicians have in conducting MOT tests. This garage services provider utilizes the latest software and equipment for performing the MOT tests and makes sure that each test is done as it is mentioned in the government guide. KC Servicing charges the least amount of fee for van MOT tests in Dartford.    

•    Kwik Fit
Kwik Fit is another authorized provider of MOT testing in the UK. This garage has centres present all over the country where people can get the MOT tests done for their vans for a nominal price. All of these centres are open all throughout the week, so you can get your van’s MOT done even on a Sunday. The best feature of the MOT testing service offered by Kwik Fit is that you can book the next MOT test date for your van on the same day of your current MOT test and save a great deal of money on the future MOT test.

•    ATS Euromaster
ATS Euromaster is widely known for providing MOT testing for fleets in the UK. They have a total of 160 centres located at various locations throughout the country where high-quality van MOT testing services are offered to the people. One of the highlights of the services offered by ATS Euromaster is that they offer a full-guarantee for their van MOT testing services. They will conduct the testing of your vehicles again for free if they make a mistake at the first time of the testing. Moreover, they also do repair work of all kinds for vans as well. 

•    Lakeside Motors
Lakeside Motors is one of UK’s best van MOT testing service providers. This garage is known for providing MOT testing services for your van at the cheapest rate. At, Lakeside Motors, you will find the best technicians who have been conducting MOT tests on vans all their lives. They can do this work with their eyes closed. You can be rest assured that the van MOT testing they provide you will be of the highest possible quality. Moreover, Lakeside Motors makes use of the latest tools and software for conducting the van MOT tests, making sure that they are performed in the right manner.  


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The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!