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Behind the Wheel of a Truly Classic Car

A choice of style

When common people see a car, they see a utility machine that they can drive around. They could, perhaps, notice some features, such as size, loading capacity and colour, but not much more than that. Most people, when asked to describe a car, they can't even say the brand unless they've seen the logo and remember it. That's all they see, and that's all they need to see.

Then, there are some other people, who see much more than that. Those who really know about cars, and feel an undeniable love for them, can be aware of lots of things from the first glance. Design choices and lines, engineery details, driving quality, comfort, style; they will even remember the sound the engine makes when it functions, and compare it with the sound of other cars in the world.

A conscious choice of car can only be made when all of these aspects are noticed and taken on account. They who love cars will never choose a vehicle the same way regular people do. Rather, they will valorate and appreciate lots of details and features that, for them, make the difference. 

Why are certain cars classic while others aren't? What makes some car brands rise as top makers while others don't? It is, certainly, the knowledge and skill of companies, that allows them to create and produce unforgettable models. Some cars are immortalized because of their history or significance; others, by their unique design, and even others, by their superiority in engineery.

Aston Martin

If there is one car brand that, throughout the British history, has dodged bankruptcy, solved problems, adapted, grown and reached glory, without ever being unfaithful to its own vision, it is Aston Martin. Born over a hundred years ago, this company has always found a way to overcome all obstacles and hard times. It took the company several decades to produce its star car series, but when it did, it definitely hit bull's eye.

The model that took Aston Martin to a new position worldwide is no other than the infamous DB7, an evolution of the other models in the DB series, like the DB5 that James Bond used to drive in his movies and novels. The Aston martin DB7 is considered the crowning achievement of the company, and even if it has been discontinued in the early 2000's, car lovers and collectors still look for one of these to add to their personal arsenal.

If you feel curious about the specifics of this car model, there is an extensive review at Most of it is very technical, so if you're not familiar with car engineery you may want to stop after the first or second headline. However, if you are familiar with this terminology and are interested in engine and physical features, you will feast on this extensive description of the DB7.

What if you want to drive a DB7 yourself?

If you do, you're definitely not the only one. The DB7 is the most wanted car model of all Aston Martin, so much so that some car clubs keep units of this model and lets their members drive them or rent them for a while. It is the golden dream of more than one car lover, and there is good reason for that.

Surprisingly, the DB7 can be found at quite accessible prices. A very interesting article written by Aston martin DB7 quotes that some DB7's can be bought for less than £20,000, which is, as the article says, as cheap as a Ford Focus. But don't rush to get one for yourself! The manteinance costs are quite high, and it is an engine that requires care. You could be stuck with a vehicle that actually ends up costing what it should: a lot.

Luckily, as we've stated before, some car clubs allow their members to rent a DB7 and other famous car models. There are even some that are open to anyone who wants to approach them and try a classic car. A DB7 can be rented for as little as £200 a day, a very little sum if you compare it with the cost of purchasing one yourself plus the high cost manteinance.

If you have the chance to go to one of these clubs - don't be surprised if some ask for more than this, you have to go around and ask in a couple places until you find good pricing - then you should. The Aston Martin DB7 has become one of the most famous cars of the United Kingdom, and you should experience why.

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This is a great club and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’ve got the opportunity to drive many of cars during my membership. The greatest thing about this membership is that there are no restrictions.  You can drive any of the car, whenever you want to.

Thomas B. Morales

What I like about Classic Sports Car Hire Club is the range of cars. Really classic range and the most affordable membership packages. This is a really good club to be a member of so if you are a sports car love, I suggest that you sign up for membership now.
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The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!
The Classic Sports Car Club Just 4 You!